Thursday, June 11, 2009

Introduction: Who I Am

As this is the 1st post in my blog (if not my 1st blog, I had a previous one that I can't track down), I thought I would give a quick "who I am" type of post.

I am Larry Harrison Jr, age 40, white-male (and that doesn't make me evil), married for 8½ years to the same woman (unlike half of Hollywood), 3 children, with a passion for computers, photography, the ability to type 70-odd words per minute (as far back as high school), and I reside with my wife in a decent-sized 3 bedroom home (okay, trailer, so what?) out in the woods of Leverett's Chapel.

OK, you have no idea where that is. It is in eastern Texas between Kilgore and Overton.

I am on the Internet very often (perhaps too much?), I love sites such as Wikipedia, DPreview, Yahoo! and Fred Miranda. Within this post, and other blogger posts, if you see a word or phrase underlined (like this), then that means it's a hyperlink that refers to an external website that elaborates on the topic matter in more detail. (If you go to such a site you won't lose your place here.)

I have been online since 1997, first with America OnLine (I later wised up), I used to have "Personal Web Pages" (with my opinions and photographs posted) long before we had Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. I now have a MySpace (which I barely use), a Facebook (same thing), and a PBase site for my photos (used very heavily). To make it easy for any of you, in case you care--as long as you keep track of this site, or my PBase site, that's all you need to do. Anything else is "cyberjunk" (or, if nothing else, already referred to at this site and/or the PBase one so you won't have to keep up with it all).

I also am a North Carolina Tar Heels fan (and we won it all in 2009, nanny nanny nanny!).

I hold (basically) conservative views, and I created this blog as an outlet for expressing them.

Among other things: I believe that far too little is respected as "none of your business" nowadays, and I fight for a return to that. I believe how someone parents their children is no one's business. I believe that if someone wants to use a cellular phone in their car for talking, texting, or MapQuesting--so long as they're not weaving and/or crashing into light-poles, that's not anyone's business. If two adults desire to have consensual intercourse in a homosexual context in the privacy of their homes, that's also no one's business--BUT it isn't a marriage, either. (Carrie Prejean was right.)

I dislike slow drivers, but I also dislike "rat runners," people that take shortcuts through residential areas to avoid busy streets but in doing so create annoying road noise for residents trying to escape it (and often-times paying good money to do so). Consistent with my "mind your own business" point of view, I believe traffic-law enforcement is extremely over-the-top. My proposal--if someone has a good safety record, leave them alone, period.

I also don't believe in abbrevations, like "LOL" or "c u l8r," I consider it lazy-typing. Some are okay, ones like DVD, VCR, NASA--but these cutesy Internet/texting acronyms? Lazy typing. I don't engage in it. Whenever I see a need for abbrevating within this blog, most likely you'll see me refer to it by its full name earlier in the post, with something like "(henceforth known as DVD)" or the like following-it for clarification.

Well that's it for now. Here we go.

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